Greenfinn's products are made from berries, berry's skin and seeds that are classified very beneficial to your health. Berries are real Superfood from the nature! Greenfinn's products contain no additives or added sugar. Products are cold-pressed, quickly pasteurized and cooled. Necessary energy is gained by using solar and heat pump technology. The passive energy that is released during the process is transferred again to heat the production rooms. Berries contain very little energy proportioned to large nutrient density. However, berries contain vitamins, antioxidants and phenol compounds more than any other product in the vegetable world. Berries also contain less sugar than fruits and they don’t contain cholesterol, lactose or gluten. Their fatty acid composition (Omega 3/Omega 6) and sodium/potassium ratio are beneficial to health. Different supplement capsules and pills aren’t something that we recommend, because there may occur harmful enrichment when products are being extracted from the different component of the plant. This does not happen with our berry products. Manners such as eating habits, effects your health about 50%, its social influences are 30% and environmental effects are 10%. So it's safe to say that you are what you eat. Sea-buckthorn is perhaps the most studied berry, because its beneficial elements. Sea-buckthorn is ancient Chinese medicinal plant and in Russia it's used in many prescription drugs. Sea-buckthorn contains 8 different vitamins. It contains about 10% more vitamin C than orange. Sea-buckthorn is an oil plant, whose seed contains 15% of oil and peel about 30%. It contains multiple times more energy than any other berry. It improves your health and helps recovering from sicknesses. According to studies in Finland sea buck thorn has positive effects in treating skin and mucosa membrane's. Blueberry has positive effects on eye's mucosa membrane. That's why blueberry is ingredient of many eye medicine's. It contains lots of vitamin A and B. In the world blueberry is known especially for its anthocyanins or water-soluble flavonoid pigments located in plant's cell sap that appear ultramarine,blue and red. Cranberry has been traditionally used as a treatment to infected kidneys and urethra and to improve intestine's function. Cranberry's pigment prevents the transmitting of bacteria to cell wall which decreases the amount infections. Lingonberry contains lots of fibres and dietary minerals. Because its high benzoic acid level, lingonberry is beneficial to body's pH-balance. Black currant contains lots of vitamin C, A and E. It's great source of fibre, especially in the form powder, where the fatty acid-proportion (Omega 3/Omega 6) of the seeds is almost perfect.