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Organic Chaga Chunks 100g


Organic Chaga Chunks are the purest form of natural chaga. Our Chaga is hand picked from the Nordic forest. simply cut into chunks. Nordic Chaga is sustainably harvested & air dried. We offer this great high quality product for the best price at the market

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Organic Chaga Chunks 100g (Inonotus obliquus)

Organic Chaga Chunks are the purest form of natural chaga. Our Chaga is hand picked from the Nordic forest. simply cut into chunks. Nordic Chaga is sustainably harvested & air dried. We offer this great high quality product for the best price at the market

Nordic Chaga comes from the forests, far from busy towns or roads. Our chaga is only harvested in areas where plant protection products and pesticides are prohibited by law. In Nordic forests are generally mixed so it’s important to hunt out the older birch trees. It takes time. Often chaga is found on trees in swampy areas.We want decent size chaga growth on a tree (not too small, best to leave them to grow and mark their position with GPS to return next year). Next step is to carefully cut off the chaga with a small axe (this might involved climbing the tree). It’s important to leave behind 10-25% to allow continued growth. It’s important to sustainably harvest it carefully so as not to damage the birch tree host. It’s important to recognise that chaga is a precious resource and “taking all you can” is unsustainable.

Once the chaga hunting and harvesting is finished for the day it’s time to clean the chaga well. It’s important to remove any detritus or insects. The Nordic Chaga is then air dried in a clean environment or placed in a very low heat oven. Next up is a humidity test of the chaga to ensure its 14% or less. This is important to prevent mold or internal rot. Unfortunattely some of the other brands/products are not following this process.Once the chaga is dry it is stored it in airtight, sealed containers in a cool place. Each batch is individually checked to ensure it’s good.

Quality is everything and we only offer the highest quality Chaga products available. Quality really matters. Rumours exist that some big suppliers, especially in Asia, mess with their chaga. It has been claimed that chaga has been soaked in ponds to add weight or that ground chaga/chaga powder has been mixed with dirt, starch or other fillers to increase the weight. We recommend you only use pure, wild chaga, that comes with a 100% guarantee as the Nordic Chaga

Chaga has been part of Nordic folk medicine for thousands of years as it has been in Asia, North America, Siberia and parts of Eastern Europe. It’s only recently that western countries have learned about chaga, and we will be hearing more and more as time progresses. People want immunity boosts from natural sources and that is one of chaga’s reported strengths.

Suggested Usage:

Use Wild Nordic Chaga Chunks to make larger quantities of strong chaga tea or stock to add to your soups and sauces.
It takes 30 minutes to several hours of simmering (not boiling) to extract all the goodness from Wild Nordic Chaga Chunks plus you can freeze the chunks afterwards and use them up to 10 times. The longer you brew, the stronger the Connect with chaga in its natural form. Pure Nordic chaga chunks, direct from the forest.

Content of Organic Chaga Chunks:

100 grams


100% of wild chaga chunks


You can return any NORDIC CHAGA product bought directly from us within 30 days of the date of purchase. If the package is opened or damaged, you will still get a full refund. Even if you have tried our chaga and think it’s just not for you, yes, you will still get a full refund! If, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with our Nordic CHAGA product, then we will give you a 100% refund, excluding postage costs.

To make your claim:

1. Send us a detailed email and explain why you are not saticefied with pictures of the product.
2. Once we receive your claim, we will confirm it by email and include the return address
3. Send us back the product by registered post. Registered post is highly recommended. Unfortunately, there are people who might say they have sent a product back but have no proof of doing so. If you do not use registered post and the product does not arrive, then that is your risk, not ours.
4. When we receive the product(s), we will issue a refund.
5. If you have used a substantial amount of the product, we may reduce the refund amount. This is to prevent people using nearly all the chaga and then asking for 100% money back. That wouldn’t be fair, would it?
6. No-one has ever claimed on our guarantee yet!

Before using Chaga

Chaga mushroom holds blood thinning properties. People taking Warfarin or other blood thinning medication should avoid chaga or first talk with the doctor. Chaga mushroom holds anti-diabetic properties (it can lower blood sugar). Diabetics already taking blood sugar lowering medications should avoid chaga or fisrt talk with the doctor. Chaga contains high levels of oxalates (so does black tea by the way) and so like many foods with high oxalate levels, it should be consumed in moderation or kidney stones could result. And for the sake of common sense we suggest pregnant women and young children should not consume chaga without consulting a doctor first.



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