Puur Nordic - Highest Quality Superfoods, Healthproducts and Supplements directly from Scandinavia

Puur Nordic is an importer for Scandinavian highest quality Superfoods, Supplements and Health Products within the Benelux countries. We also Ship our products to Germany, U.K and France.

Puur Nordic imports only the highest quality and unique products directly from Scandinavia. In our webshop you will find all kinds of Superfoods and Health products, for example: The best Chaga  products available in the whole world. On our site you can also find nice recipes and Blogs for a healthy lifestyle!

Puur Nordic only chooses the best and most popular brands from Scandinavia such as Puhdistamo. Puhdistamo is seen as the best brand among the Superfoods from Scandinavia and several of the products has been winning awards year after year.

If you are looking for  quality and best for your body, then Puur Nordic is defenitely the right place for you to do some shopping!

New Products

Official Pudistamo Importer

Pudistamo is one of the largest and best Superfoods brands in Scandinavia. Pudistamo stands for the purest and quality products that are available in the whole World

Are you looking for the very best Superfood and Health products for your body ? Is quality the most important for you? Then its easy decission to choose for Puhdistamo!

One of our absolute bestseller and number 1 productis  Chaga Mushrooms, this is one of the most powerful superfoods. Our Chaga products come directly from the nature of Scandinavia and are hand-picked far away in Lapland

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Chaga Extract

Chaga Extract

In addition to the uncompromising quality of the Chaga Extract product, we also pay a lot of attention to the production. For us, quality is not just about clean measurement results, but for a large part also about finding the best possible, ethical and real quality products. Always!

Chaga Extract is one of the most powerfull nature product you can find! Puhdistamo did bring the Chaga products to the whole new level and we are proud to have many of them in our product line!

Are you looking for the best, purest and overall most powerfull Chaga Extract? Then buy the Chaga Extract from Puur Nordic.


Organic Hemp Seeds from Nordic Hemp Farm.

Nordic Hemp Seeds come from the plant named Hemp and it contains the most protein you can find even more then chicken, beef or any other meat product. Hemp Seed are also very rich in fiber and omega 3 fats.

If you are looking for something to recover after a hard practice or you want to add some good nutrition for your brekfast then our Nordic Hemp are made for you! Our  Hemp products are 100% plantbased, Organicm Glutenfree and no added sugars!

Order your Hemp Seeds products from Pure Nordic online now and go for the best quality Hemp products you can find with the best price!