Arctic Warriors

Arctic Warriors fights for clean and powerful superfood

All started with frustration. Lapland has the purest air in the world. The arctic growing conditions, especially the 24/7 daylight in summer, make our herbs and berries exceptionally tasty and nutritious. And this is not just marketing speech but a fact shown by research.

Alongside the research data, there is a lot of traditional knowledge about the riches of arctic nature. Our Product Manager Katja comes from a family where herbs have been a natural part of everyday life for centuries and the knowledge has been passed from one generation to another.

Why isn’t anybody spreading the word and making high-quality products out of them, Katja thought. And since complaint is not our cup of tea, we rolled our sleeves and started doing. Arctic Warriors was born in the small village of Narkaus at the Arctic Circle in the Finnish Lapland.

We turn angelica, roseroot, nettle, spruce sprout and berries of the north into tasty products so that you too are able to enjoy their magical power!

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