Puhdistamo is the first superfood brand in Finland. It is especially known for its passionate and uncompromising attitude towards providing high-quality products. Puhdistamo is a pioneer of pure quality! Superfoods are here to stay, and their popularity continues to grow. However, not all superfood products in markets are made as keeping quality in mind. Puhdistamo is focused on very high-quality foodstuffs.

We import the most nutrient-rich foodstuffs grown in their natural environments, not forgetting the richness of the nature of our own country. We also take it very seriously to assure the quality and origin of our products. We want, that our name and logo mean to our customers the same as ”quality guaranteed”. All our products are additive-free, gluten-free, milk-free and GMO-free nutrient-rich foodstuffs. They are sold in organic food, natural products and specialized stores, and also in pharmacies.

At present, we have 700 retailers. Our customers should not have any doubts about the quality; therefore, our quality assurance system is a public database. All interested customers can check from there the exact information of the product; this holds true even to all laboratory studies made per production batch.

From its beginning, Puhdistamo has used the highest quality standards. Our customers are aware, that if our logo is seen in the product, we guarantee that it is the best available version in the said category. However, we also give our customers an opportunity to check the production batch data of the product. This can be done in our public quality assurance system, at: www.puhdistamo.fi/laatutakuu When the lot number (found in the bottom of the product package) is entered, the system finds all study data and details of the product. All products will have at least:lot number,place of production/country of origin, packaging date, expiration date ,microbiological analyses, heavy metal analyses

Superfood simply means an exceptionally nourishing and nutrient-rich foodstuff, which is considered to strongly promote health and well-being. Superfoods also have a long culture history and most of them have been appreciated all over the world for many thousands of years. Nutrients, in their natural forms, are absorbed in our body better than synthetic dietary supplements. By using nutrient-rich foodstuffs, we receive appropriate natural levels of vitamins, minerals and trace

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