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Pippo Limnell – Entrepreneur and professional athlete

After an intensive ice training, Pippo Limnell Finocchiaro rushes to the locker room. The 31-year-old defenceman of UNIS Flyers is apparently not only quick on the ice, but also in the locker room. Less than five minutes later he is showered, dressed and ready for the interview. Limnell talks about his two jobs to which he is fully committed. Besides ice hockey, Limnell has another great passion: healthy food and healthy lifestyle. That passion went so far that he started his own company: Puur Nordic.”I’ve always been passionate about eating healthy food and living a healthy lifestyle.”

Pippo Limnell is a son of a Finnish mother and Italian father. The theme of health has played a big role in Pippo’s life from an early age. “ healthy eating habbits and a healthy lifestyle are very important. Globally, things are going in the wrong direction in terms of food. The food is less pure now days then before. I think it should be different. I’ve been testing and trying healthy products for several years now. With a healthy diet you can live much more vital life. I experienced it my self and made me decide to start my own company, webshop which is importing health products from scandinavia to Netherlands, we are shipping worlwide but the main market is in benelux countries”

Health products from Finland

The native Italian moved to Helsinki, Finland’s capital, when he was four years old. According to Pippo, the development of healthy products in Finland is much more advanced than in the rest of Europe. “In Finland they are five years ahead of the Netherlands. I believe in these products. I have been using them myself for years and I fully support them. ” Limnell is working on Puur Nordic for about 20 hours a week. “I do everything myself. From purchasing to sending ordered packages. But for some aspects, such as administration, finance and marketing, I work together with other parties. Entrepreneurship is a continuous learning process”

“Healthy eating” is a trend in the Netherlands. Peoplo are and more busy of healthy eating. Labels for organic food are increasingly common in supermarkets. “It’s a developing market,” Limnell agrees. “The market for healthy food is the most growing market in the Netherlands. There is a lot of potential for making healthy eating a success.

Unique and highest quality

Especially in this growing market, competition is huge for Limnell’s Puur Nordic. What is special and different then your competitors? “ Shortly: The products themselves,” is Limnell”s answer. “They are unique in the Netherlands. The products are the highest quality and all from Finland. The people in the Netherlands are not yet familiar with these products. But that is a great challenge for me to get started. ”

Pippo started hes first company all ready at the age of 20. In 2010 he already started sports equipment and products company in Finland. “I was still young then. I learned a lot from entrepreneurship at that time. I’ve always had a business mind. I used to sell stuff allready at school when i was 6-7 years old, ”laughs Limnell

Ice hockey player and entrepreneur.

Undoubtedly, there are aspects that are important in both branches of sport. ,,Communication. I am strict, fair and respectful. That is characteristic of many Finns. But I can also be temperamental. That’s my Italian side. Sometimes that causes some problems, ”laughs Limnell. “Working as a team is important, both in ice hockey and in business.”

Future ?

” Icehokcey is my biggest passion and i want to play until im 50, but i know that its not realistic, thats why i want to grow Puur Nordic slowly and hopefully it will be one day a big and succesful company ends Pippo Limnell”