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The mission of Supercube Superfoods is to find the most nutrient-dense raw materials from everywhere in the world and innovate them into an easy-to-use raw food form to complement everyone’s well-being. As our first product we launched the most powerful chaga elixir in the world. Hand-picked chaga mushroom from the coldest and cleanest places on earth, we developed a gentle triple-infusion which brings out the best of the effective ingredients in an easily digestive form.

Super Cube Superfoods brings you the most powerful Chaga elixir from the coldest and cleanest places on earth, in an easy-to-use form to support your well-being as a part of a healthy lifestyle. Chaga mushroom is known as the king of the mushrooms as it contains exceptionally high amount of antioxidants. This natural medical “king” is an adaptogen which has been proven to boost your immune system and balances your body’s functions. In our innovative package you’ll find ready-to-use single portion bags which you can also easily bring along. You can mix the chaga elixir into hot or cold beverage and enjoy one of the best nature’s superfood.

Arctic berries are unparalled vitamin sources from clean forests and contain a lot of vitamins, fibers and antioxidants. Combining Chaga and berries we’ve created an incredible and delicious antioxidant bomb!

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